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Curricular Linux Environment at Rice (CLEAR)
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For detailed information, please contact the IT Help Desk at http://helpdesk.rice.edu or call

Hint: Use "CLEAR" in the subject line of help request.


CLEAR is a robust and dynamic Linux cluster with exciting features available to Rice students and faculty. The cluster is designed to offer a Linux environment available for teaching and courseware needs. For research needs, the Shared Research Computing Cluster is a more appropriate environment.

Accessing CLEAR

To access the CLEAR cluster interactively, you must have an SSH client. Simply use ssh.clear.rice.edu as the host name and log in with your Rice NetID and password. Your home directory will be the same as your desktop home provided from storage.rice.edu.

If you don't have a home drive when using Clear, please create a ticket in https://help.rice.edu Be sure to put "need clear home directory" in the subject and one will be setup for you.

If you are teaching a course, you will be given disk space on a separate filesytem local to the cluster. If you are taking a course, your instructor will tell you where your course filespace is located.

Course websites usually follow the convention http://www.clear.rice.edu/coursename, eg. http://www.clear.rice.edu/comp430

Remote Teaching Help

If you are currently working to move your first two weeks of classes online, please visit Teaching and Scholarly Learning's Remote Teaching Resources course for written documentation and/or visit our Training Center to find recorded trainings, sign up for live workshops, or request a one-on-one consultation.

Additional Resources

Here are some links to IT documentation that may be helpful as you try out CLEAR:


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