Entry Level Laboratory Courses in BioSciences

Our department offers several entry level laboratory courses. Each course is described briefly below followed by information regarding registration, eligibility, etc.

We offer two entry-level laboratory course options —BIOC 112 (1 credit hour) or NSCI 120 (3 credit hours) — to introduce fundamental methods and standard laboratory practices in biosciences. Major objectives are to prepare students who have limited laboratory experience to move on to courses that require more independent learning (including BIOC 211) and to provide students with fundamental skills that are needed to conduct independent study in a research laboratory in BioSciences. BIOC 112 or NSCI 120 should be taken in the first year. Completion of NSCI 120 fulfills the biology laboratory requirement for medical school applications. A student may receive credit for BIOC 112 or NSCI 120, but not for both courses. BIOC 211 (2 credit hours) is an intermediate level laboratory course designed for BioSciences majors in their second year.

Optional BIOC Laboratories for Freshmen: BIOC 112 or NSCI 120

These optional labs focus on fundamental research skills and prepare students for research experiences before completing BIOC 211; these courses are recommended for students with limited laboratory experience but are not required.

BIOC 112 Introductory Biological Research Challenges (offered Fall and Spring, 1 credit hour). Teams of students work on investigative, client-based projects with opportunities to design experiments, analyze data, and communicate their findings. This course is recommended for students interested in a BioSciences major who have very limited practical laboratory experience. Only first year students may enroll.

NSCI 120 Introduction to Scientific Research Challenges (offered Fall and Spring, 3 credit hours). Students in NSCI 120 will solve client-based problems that require the discovery or application of scientific knowledge, specifically in the fields of biology and chemistry. Students will work in interdisciplinary teams and be involved in shaping their project and implementing the scientific method to find solutions. This course is limited to first year students only.

Required Intermediate Level Laboratory: BIOC 211

We have recently implemented significant changes in our laboratory program and we no longer require a passing score on a pre-lab exam or credit for a freshmen lab for entry into BIOC 211. The only pre-requisite for BIOC 211 will be BIOC 201 and at least second year status as a student at Rice. Students who matriculated prior to Fall 2017 and did NOT pass the pre-lab exam will be eligible to enroll in BIOC 211 during registration for Spring 2018.

BIOC 211 Intermediate Experimental Biosciences (offered Fall and Spring, 2 credit hours). This course is a required intermediate level laboratory experience designed for BioSciences majors. Freshmen students wishing to take a laboratory should take BIOC 112 or NSCI 120. BIOC 211 is not available to first year students without instructor permission.

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