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COMP 100
Introduction to Computing and Information Systems

(Spring 2017)

Mack Joyner, mjoyner@

COMP 100 teaches students how to use common software for organizing, searching, and computing on information, with an emphasis on business-related tasks. It introduces engineering design via a medium-sized team project. The course examines

We assume students have no prior experience with databases or spreadsheets. We assume students are familiar with the basics of using a computer — how to log in, read email, browse the web, and start applications. The course does not involve computer programming.

All course materials are on Canvas.

We meet in Symonds II computer lab. MWF 10am-10:50am. Attendance is expected. This is on the first floor of Duncan Hall, but not in the main part of the building. It is on the southwest corner of the building, i.e., the front left when looking from the Inner Loop road. The doors are normally locked, but the staff will unlock them for class.

We use two books, one on Access, and one on Excel.

  Introductory Edition
New Perspectives on Microsoft Office Access 2013 ISBN 13: 978-1285099217
New Perspectives on Microsoft Office Excel 2013 ISBN 13: 978-1285169361

The graded work consists of eight assignments, three exams, and a database project.