Comp202: Principles of Object-Oriented Programming II
Fall 2006 -- General Assignment Information   

Please refer to the course schedule for information about specific assignments.

General Rules

Homework should be done in individually: Work the problems. Cross check your work. Hand in one copy of the solution.   If you need to hand in a corrected copy, use the multiple version upload feature on the assignment upload page.   Be sure to notify the staff that you are turning in another version.    In general, only the latest version at the time of grading will be examined.

For information on the README file required for most submissions, see READMEGuidelines.shtml

All homework is due at the start of class on (usually) Mondays.

Homework will be handed in electronically so BE SURE THAT ALL TEAM MEMBERS' NAMES (i.e. yours or if a group project, everyone's) ARE TYPED AT THE TOP OF YOUR WORK!!

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