Interface listFW.INEList

public interface INEList
extends listFW.IList
Represents the structural behavior of an immutable non-empty list. An immutable non-empty list has a data object called first, and an isomorphic subcomponent called rest. Its structural behavior provides access to its internal data (first) and substructure (rest).

Dung X. Nguyen, Stephen B. Wong

Method Index

 o getFirst ()
"Gettor" method for the list's first
 o getRest ()
"Gettor" method for the list's rest


 o getFirst
public abstract Object getFirst()
"Gettor" method for the list's first.

this INElist's first element.
 o getRest
public abstract IList getRest()
"Gettor" method for the list's rest.

this INElist's rest.