Comp202: Principles of Object-Oriented Programming II
Fall 2006 -- Exam 3 Need-to-Knows   

This list should be considered a partial list at best!  Check back often to see if new items are added.   You are responsible for all topics covered in class, labs and assignments, even if they do not appear here.

This list only contains only material covered after the previous exam.

  1. Be sure you review higher order functions.
  2. Parsing -- be able to completely code a parser, given a grammar
    1. object representation,
    2. factory representation
    3. parsing visitors made by the factories
  3. Sorting
    1. Know how to code all the sorters done so far, e.g. merge, bubble, selection, insertion, quicksort, heap.
    2. Be able to work with the sorting framework well enough to add a new sorter to it.
  4. Data structures
    1. binary trees
    2. heaps
    3. B-trees (N-Trees, 2-3-4 trees)
  5. Java 5.0 features
    1. Know how to instantiate and use a parameterized (generic) class or interface.
    2. Know how to write and use a parameterized method.
    3. Know how to declare and use variable argument lists.
    4. Know how to write and use the new for-loop syntax: 
      for(AClass x : aContainerOfAClass) {...}

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