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This is a tentative schedule for the topics to be covered in lecture, labs and assignments.   This schedule will constantly be changing and is given only as a reference for past topics and as a guideline for future topics.

New assignments are given on the day after the previous assignment is due.   HW01 is given on the first day of class.  Always check what assignment is due next!

Assignments are due by the BEGINNING of class on the due date.




Assignment Due

Mon. 8/27/07 Lec01: Welcome, Administrivia and Reviews! Lab01: Hangman project -- model  
Wed. 8/29/07 Lec02: Review of List Processing    
Fri. 8/31/07 JPMorganChase visit

Lec03: Higher Order Functions

Mon. 9/03/07 Labor Day:  No class!    
Tues. 9/04/07   Lab02: UML Sequence Diagram; Hangman project -- view & controller  
Wed. 9/06/07 Lec04: Design Patterns Lazy Evaluation   HW01: Hangman project -- Milestone #1
Fri. 9/07/07 Lec05: Design Patterns for Lazy Evaluation    
Mon. 9/10/07 Lec06: Design Patterns for Lazy Evaluation Lab 03: Koch Curve Model  
Wed. 9/12/07 Lec07: Generics and Parametric Polymorphism   HW02: Hangman project -- Milestone #2
Fri. 9/14/07 Lec08: Generic IList Framework    
Mon. 9/17/07 Lec09:  Dynamic class loading Lab 04: Koch Curve MVC  
Wed. 9/19/07 Lec10:  Examples algorithms on generic lists   HW 03: Koch Curve - Milestone #1 (due before class time)
Fri. 9/21/07 Lec11: Binary Tree Structures and Process Flow Modeling    
Mon. 9/24/07 Lec12: Tree Traversal Algorithms Lab 05: Tournament Tree MVC  
Wed. 9/26/07 Lec13: Traversing Binary Trees (part 2)    
Fri. 9/28/07 Lec14: Traversing Binary Trees (part 3)    
Mon. 10/01/07 Lec15/16: Exam 1 Review Lab 06: Review for Exam 1  
Wed. 10/03/07 Lec17: AP Marine Biology Simulation   
HW 04: Koch Curve - Milestone #2 (due before class time)
Fri. 10/05/07 Lec18: Rice Marine Biology Simulation    
Mon. 10/08/07 Lec19: Big "Oh"; Introduction to Design Patterns for Self-Balancing Trees Lab07: Rice MBS  
Wed. 10/10/07  

Exam #1  

Fri. 10/12/07 Lec20: Design Patterns for Self-Balancing Trees, continued.   HW05: Tournament Tree
Mon. 10/15/07 Mid-term recess--No Classes    
Wed. 10/17/07 Lec21:  Design Patterns for Self-Balancing Trees: Insertion Algorithm Lab:  Working on Chat program  
Fri. 10/19/07  

Lec22: Design Patterns for Self Balancing Trees: Deletion Algorithm

Mon. 10/22/07 Lec23: Dictionary and Hashing    
Wed. 10/24/07 Lec24: Discussion of Exam 1. Hashing    
Fri. 10/26/07 Lec25: More on Hashing    
Mon. 10/29/07 Lec26:  Design Patterns for Parsing Part 1    
Wed. 10/31/07 Lec27:  Design Patterns for Parsing Part 2   HW06: Chat Program, Milestone 1 (NEW DATE!  Due at 5 PM!)
Fri. 11/02/07 Lec28:  Design Patterns for Parsing (cont)    
Mon. 11/06/07 Lec29: Design Patterns for Parsing (cont.) Lab 08: TreeN and Visitors  
Wed. 11/07/07 Lec30: Design Patterns for Parsing (conclusion)

Lec31: The Best Little Tic-Tac-Toe Game in Texas

Fri. 11/09/07 Lec 32: Discussion of Games 4 Two; Design Patterns For Games    
Mon. 11/12/07 Exam 2 Review Lab 09: Stream IO and Tokenizing HW07: Chat Program, Milestone 2
Wed. 11/14/07 Lec. 33: Min Max Principle


Fri. 11/16/07 Lec 34: Alpha-Beta pruning    
Mon. 11/19/07 Lec 35: Review of Sorting Framework and Sort Animation Lab 10: Recursive Descent Parsing HW08:  Final Project, Milestone 1
Wed. 11/21/07 Lec 36: Merge Sort and Quick Sort    
Fri. 11/23/07 Thanksgiving break--No Classes    
Mon. 11/26/07 Lec 37: Heap Structure and Heap Sort Lab14: Heaps and Priority Queues  
Wed. 11/28/07 Lec 38: Card Game design    
Fri. 11/30/07 Lec 39: Card Game cont.   HW09:  Final Project, Milestone 2
Mon. 12/03/07 Lec40: Design of the Game of Life Lab 15: Work on GalaxyBall
Wed. 12/05/07 Lec41: Treaps and 3-Tiered Enterprise Architectures    
Fri. 12/07/07 Last day of classes!

Card Game design presentations

Sat. 12/08/07     Exam 3
Wed. 12/12/07     Exam 3 due
Fri. 12/14/07 GalaxyBall Tournament  (9 AM)    




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