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COMP 202: Principles of Object-Oriented Programming II


To upload your completed assignments, go to the Owlspace page

Save all of your work on your U: drive under a directory called Comp202 and within a subdirectory with an appropriate name, e.g. U:\Comp202\HW03. To turn in your work, zip up the entire assignment directory (e.g. HW03) and turn in that single zipped file.

Assignment Guidelines

  1. All students are expected to complete their own, individual work unless group work is explicitly authorized by the instructors.
    1. This includes the writing of all code and comments.
    2. Code may not be copied in any manner from another student without explicit permission from the instructors.
  2. The submission must include a plain-text README file. Please read the guidelines on what to include in your README.
  3. Students may, and are encouraged to, discuss "high-level" concepts and issues with each other concerning any assignment, but may not discuss specific syntactic details of how the assignment is to be implemented.

Violation of these guidelines will be considered an Honor Code violation.

A Honor Pledge file must be included with every submitted homework. Click here to download a template where you can fill in your name and the name of the current assignment.

Please see the Schedule page for information about individual assignments.



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