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COMP 202 Fall 2008 - No-Fail Contract

We, the instructors of COMP 202, taught in the Fall 2008 semester, will guarantee that a student will not fail the class if the undersigned student upholds the terms of this contract.

Under these terms, the student agrees to

At the end of the semester, should a student otherwise receive a failing grade, the instructors will ask the student to provide the journal and the analyses, and then review them for completeness. All of this will be done completely confidentially.

It is the student's responsibility to ensure that the analyses and journal entries meet the instructor's standards. We therefore recommend that the student asks the instructors for comments, monthly for the journal, and after each assignment or exam for the analyses.

A student may terminate the no-fail contract at any time. There is no penalty for terminating or breaching the contract, but the student will no longer enjoy the no-fail guarantee. The instructors may not end the contract prematurely.

A student may request a modification of the contract based on personal needs if there are legitimate reasons such as proof of a medical emergency. This must be requested and approved in writing with the instructors.

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