COMP 212: Lab Tutorials, Spring 2001


Ryon 102 (back section)


There are 6 sections:
Time Leaders
M 1:00p-2:20p Greg, Romer, Theo
M 2:30p-3:50p Theo, Romer, Gilbert
M 7.00p-8:20p Andrew, Kileen, Greg
T 1.00p-2:20p James, Sarah, Reuben
T 2.30p-3:50p John, Anirban, Amit
T 7.00p-8:20p Sarah, Rajnish, Amit

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There is no tutorial during the first week of class.


Labs have two main purposes:

Labs may also include graded quizzes.

Notes for each lab will be posted here as they become available:

  1. 22-23 Jan: UNIX, Emacs, StructureBuilder, JDK
  2. 29-30 Jan: JavaDoc, Packages, Factory Pattern
  3. 5-6 Feb: Visitor Pattern
  4. 12-13 Feb: State Pattern
  5. 19-20 Feb: Model-View-Controller Pattern
  6. 26-27 Feb: Containers
  7. 12-13 Mar: Double-Dispatch Pattern
  8. 19-20 Mar: Circular Doubly-Linked Lists
  9. 26-27 Mar: Stream-based I/O
  10. 2-3 Apr: Sort Animation
  11. 9-10 Apr: Binary Trees and Binary Search Trees
  12. 16-17 Apr: Tic-Tac-Toe
  13. 23-24 Apr: 2-3-4 Trees