Comp 212 Lab 07: GUI's in Java


This tutorial covers:

Programming project #1 asks you to write a GUI program to play hangman.  The GUI is the "view" with respect to the "model" you created last week. The tutorial found at ../../projects/hangman/view.html will take you step by step through creating the GUI needed for your project. While you are not required to have exactly the GUI you create in the tutorial, your project must have at least its level of functionality. We strongly recommend that you follow the instructions and create the GUI as described before you attempt to customize it.

Technically, the lab tutorial only consists of the "View" section in the above mentioned web page.  By completing the exercises in the above link, you will have completed another non-trivial part of the programming project.

You are free to collaborate with other lab partners in the lab and share the code written during this lab only.  Afterwards, you will have  to work alone on the project.  Your labbies will give you guidance but will not help you write the code. ,
revised 02/24/03