Homework Submission

To submit homeworks in COMP212, you will run a command line script that will send the contents of a directory (and its subdirectories) to the comp212 account. There are some points on which the program is picky, so follow the instructions exactly.
  1. Log onto an owlnet machine (such as the computers in Ryon). If you are on a Windows or Macintosh, use SSH to log into Owlnet.
  2. It is easiest for the following steps if you cd to the directory right above the directory with your files in it. So, if your files are in ~/comp212/hw1, then type "cd ~/comp212".
  3. Run the turnin script with the project name given for the homework. This project name will appear on the assignment page. The format of the script is as follows:
    turnin -c comp212 -p projname dirname
    where projname is the project name given on the assignment page and dirname is the directory your files are in, "hw1" in the above example.
    Important: Do not put a trailing slash ("/") on the directory name, as this will cause the turnin script to not work correctly.
    Also note that projects with more than one submission ("milestones") will have unique names for each submission. Do not submit a later part of the project into the earlier project name.
  4. Make sure the submission worked using the following:
    ls -l ~comp212/submit/projname/username.tar.Z
    where username is your username. This file should exist and have a size that is not zero.
  5. Smile and go relax, you've finished your homework for Comp 212!