Comp 212 - Spring 08

Homework #1
Pizza Code and UML Class Diagrams

See OWLSPACE for due date - No Late Submission will be accepted

I. Description

The purpose of this assignment is to get you up to speed with the basics of UML and Java syntax by reproducing the UML diagrams and the code we discuss in class and the labs.

  1. Debug and submit the program discuss in lab #1.
  2. Redraw the UML class diagram, complete and submit the Pizza program as described in the following.
    Here is the UML diagrams for the Pizza program.  The Java code can be found in Lecture #3 code.

    Make sure you add comments to the code as shown in the sample code.  The comments are written in "javadoc" style.  You will learn more about javadoc in lab #2.   Use DrJava to generate the html files for your Pizza program.

This homework is worth 2% of the final grade.

II. Submission

The homework is to be submitted electronically via OWLSPACE.  The complete homework set should contain the following:

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