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COMP 280: The Mathematics of Computation

This course introduces students to mathematics for modeling and reasoning about problems in computer science. The lectures emphasize linking the material to useful applications. The course covers proof methods to reason about recursive and iterative programs; data structures such as graphs, trees, and sets; functions and their asymptotic growth; combinatorics and probability; and regular languages and finite automata.

Topic Reading Time
Induction & Recursion Rosen Ch. 4 2 weeks
Complexity Rosen Ch. 3 1/2 week
Graphs & Trees Rosen Chs. 9,10 2-3 weeks
Logic Rosen Ch. 1 1 week
Naive Set Theory Rosen Ch. 2 1 week
Functions & Relations Rosen Chs. 2,8 2 weeks
Counting & Combinatorics Rosen Ch. 5,7 2 weeks
Discrete Probability Rosen Ch. 6 1 week
Finite Automata Rosen Ch. 12 2 weeks

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