COMP 310

Industry Buzzwords and Acronyms for OOP/D

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Here are some common buzzwords and acronyms that you might encounter in industry:

DRY - Don't Repeat Yourself

Basically, don't replicate code or behavior.

GRASP - General Responsibility Assignment Software Patterns

GRASP is a set of design principles and patterns geared towards solving common problems in software projects.


This refers to the first 5 OO design principles in that Robert Martin,one of the OOP/D pioneers, introduced in the eary 2000's.


YAGNI - You Aren't Going To Need It

Don't add functionality until you need it.   This notion is driven by agile programming where one wants to build the minimum at any given moement because things may change.   Note however, that this is NOT the same as not designing for extensibility!

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