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JWS is no longer supported by Java 11+ so the following information is for legacy support ONLY.

To run JWS apps in Java 11+, try using OpenWebStart.

OpenWebStart Tips and Traps:

Important: The errors that one encounters may differ depending on the version of one's operating system.

Always keep your operating system updated to the latest version to ensure that any issue encountered hasn't been eliminated or at least clarified (e.g. better error message) in the latest version of the operating system.





Java Web Start ("JWS") is a technology to launch Java applications directly from a web page.   JWS does not use the same mechanism as Java applets and in such, is able to get around the lack of applet support in many current browsers,  

Available JWS-based demos:



Troubleshooting JWS

One's computer may still need to be configured to properly run a JWS-launched application.   If you are having problems running JWS-launched applications, try these steps:


Add the site to the Java's "Exception Site List":

This will help keep Java from blocking the application from running by allowing applications from the launching site.   See the directions for "Application Blocked by Security Settings" in the "Tips and Traps" page of the Java Resources site.


Enable the Java console:

Enabling the Java console will allow you to see any error messages generated during the launch and/or running of a JWS application.   This can be very helpful in debugging what is going wrong.


(Linux only) OpenJDK doesn't support JWS:

The standard OpenJDK installation on Linux does not support JWS.   Add JWS support by also installing IcedTea-Web.



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