COMP 310 Software Development Environment

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Comp310 software installation page

  1. Install latest Java Development Kit ("JDK")
  2. Install latest version of Eclipse
  3. Install Eclipse plug-ins.    Note:  Not all plugins shown on installation page are needed! See your semester's specific instructions on the required plugins in Canvas!
    1. WindowBuilder
    2. Install latest Yatta "UML Lab" diagramming plug-in
      • See "Software Configuration and Licensing" section in Canvas for directions on how to obtain the license key.   You MUST be on-campus and connected to the Rice network when you enter this key!



Subclipse/SVN Source Control

See the "Eclipse/Using Subclipse" reference links above! The discussion below continues on those pages.

Why use source control?

Write Your First GUI Program using Eclipse and WindowBuilder


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