COMP 310
Fall 2010

Lecture 01: Welcome to Comp310!

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Getting started:

Students should bring laptop to class every day!

If you do not have a laptop, please let the staff know right away so that special arrangements can be made for you.  You are NOT required to own a laptop.

Need to install  BY NEXT CLASS PERIOD:

If you are not sure how to do the installs or encounter problems, contact the staff immediately!

Why so many tools?

 Eclipse, Green UML, Jigloo and Subclipse!  Good tools enable you to concentrate on the issues of the problem for which your human mind is best suited and lets the computer do those parts that don't need any real thought.

Tools are a double-edges sword though.   They can as easily obscure what is going on as illuminate it.   In the end, you should always know what your tool is doing and what it is not capable of doing.  A tool is your helper, not your crutch.


Why Comp310?


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