COMP 310
Fall 2010

Lec31: ChatApp Interfaces...

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For reference, be sure to keep in mind the design principles we discussed last time.

Considerations for today:

Weekend advice:  

  1. Copy the latest comp310f10.rmiChat interfaces over to your own rmiChat package and build your code off of that.  
  2. Add/modify methods, interfaces as you think are necessary to make the chat system work.   Remember that any changes will have to be eventually applied to everyone in the class!
  3. Post change and modification ideas to discussion board and send out e-mail telling everyone to please look at your suggestions.
  4. Discuss on Monday and agreed upon changes will be committed to the  comp310f10.rmiChat package.
  5. The above process may need to be repeated.
  6. In the end, simply change the import statements from your rmiChat package to the  comp310f10.rmiChat package.


© 2010 by Stephen Wong and Scott Rixner