COMP 310
Fall 2011

Lec40: WWJ Mapping Library

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Today we will discuss the new World Wind Java mapping library as well as any design issues that have come up over the break.   Here are some links to WWJ references and demos:

Follow these instructions on obtaining and attaching the WWJ libraries:

A WWJ demo app is available: simply check out the following project:


You will also need to get the Comp310 WWJ mapping utilities, which provides a pre-built mapping panel with the ability to easily add layers and interactive markers (See the code's javadocs):

  1. Commit your code.
  2. Add the following svn:externals property to your src folder:  map
  3. Commit your code again.
  4. Perform an "Update to Head" to get the mapping utilties.





© 2011 by Stephen Wong and Scott Rixner