COMP 310
Fall 2011

Lec41: Game Issues and Sequence Diagramming

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Today we will discuss the latest version of the WWJ map package, which features serializable objects.

A short demo of joining a team will be shown.

And outstanding game issues will be discussed:

Word of advice:   Those who accomplish more, earlier, will have first dibs at suggesting and effecting common API changes that would naturally benefit their game the most!   Straglers will be forced to modify their code to accomodate other people's desires.

When trying to figure out how to accomplish a process in your system, carefully trace out exactly what packets are going to and from the server.    In class, we will trace through a sample transaction using a UML Sequence Diagram.

Sequence Diagram Resources:   (just pay attention to the basics, don't worry about the details!)


Scheduling coding and testing sessions?    Highly recommend at least 2 sessions before demo day!

© 2011 by Stephen Wong and Scott Rixner