COMP 310/510
Fall 2013

Lab 11: Final Project Design

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Today we will start on the Final Project Design...

Remember: Every team's Where's Willy game will be different!

Considerations for today:

  1. Game server vs. game clients
    1. What's the difference?
    2. What does a client need to know a priori about a game?
  2. Setting up a game
    1. Setting up of teams.
    2. Relationship of teams to chat rooms
    3. Intra-team communications
    4. Inter-team communications

Think in terms of Use Cases and how those use cases lead to game-independent API requirements.

Add your ideas, thoughts, concerns and conclusions to the Piazza discussion.

Use the Creately diagramming tool to make UML Use Case diagrams and post them to the Piazza discussion.

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