COMP 310/510
Fall 2013

Lec46: We Made It!!  

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COMP 410 Final Presentation   4 PM Tues. 12/10/2013 in McMurtry  -- FOOD at 3:30 PM in DH 3092

Sink or Swim: The Voyage of COMP 410
Tuesday, December 10, 2013 at 4:00 PM
McMurtry Auditorium in Duncan Hall

The journey of a software engineering project is a voyage across deep and dangerous waters, and being a crew member requires not only technical expertise, but also leadership, communication, foresight, and trust: either you deliver your product to port, or you all go down with the ship. COMP 410 presents their trials and tribulations in building Anchor, a scalable, cloud-based data retrieval and processing framework on Microsoft Azure for Schlumberger. We present the technical and developmental challenges involved in building a system that can retrieve and store coastal weather data from the National Oceanic and Atmospheric Administration (NOAA), present the data in graphical format in a mobile web application, and perform arbitrary distributed computations such as filtering and prediction.

Reminder:  the Final Project is a design project centered around a message-passing communications infrastructure.    Do NOT create inter-computer communications channels that bypass the message-passing system as this defeats the point of the project.     RMI is just a tool being used to make it easier to set up the message-passing architecture and is not intrinsically part of it.  

Practice Sessions:  

Demo Day: Tues. 12/17/13:  9 AM - 12 PM  in the OEDK Classroom  (At least one team member MUST be present to run the team's game server and game client code!)

In only 14 weeks, we've gone from simple shapes on a screen to arbitrary commands blasting across the Internet, from animations to music to games, from simple objects to state-of-the-art system design.

Let's take a look way back and put this all into perspective...

It was a long, hard climb, but you did it! 

mountain top

Everyone in the class should be very proud of their accomplishments this semester.  
The Comp310 staff is certainly most appreciative and proud of all your hard work!

We hope you had as much fun as we did and thank-you for sticking with us all semester!

See you on Demo Day!

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