COMP 310
Fall 2017

Lec05: UML continued, Source Control & Ballworld Demos

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UML Diagrams continued...

Subclipse/SVN Source Control

Why use source control?

Discussion continues on the Using Subclipse Resource Page.


BuggerLab Demo 

created by Erik Talvitie (BuggerLab was initially developed right after Erik's freshman OOP/D course with Dr. Wong at Oberlin College)

Here is a (hopefully!) fun and interesting example of what can be accomplished reasonably easily with the power of object-oriented programming and design.   By halfway through the semester, we will have all the tools necessary to write simulations on the scale of BuggerLab.

Download the JAR file and run it  (will not run as an applet because it accesses the local file system to store configurations).

Download and unzip some saved ecosystems and species that can be loaded into BuggerLab.


Inheritance-based Ballworld demo


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