COMP 310
Spring 2010

HW04: BallWar upgrade, part 2

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Assignment Instructions  Preliminary

For this assignment, you are to complete the upgrade to the BallWar system.    The full functionality of the BallWar system should now be implemented.

To turn in assignment:  commit a new (w.r.t. HW03), clearly named project to the Comp310 SVN repository.

  1. Updating and painting strategies should be moved to separate packages  (5 pts)
  2. Add user control without coupling ball to movement control specifics.
    1. Includes a controllable Move strategy  (10 pts)
    2. Includes multiple key and action mappings. (10 pts)
    3. GUI should be updated to enable selection of a controlling user. (5 pts)
  3. Add status output
  4. Add upgraded painting capability
    1. Rotation capable ( 10 pts)
    2. Image capable (10 pts)
    3. Arbitrary Shape capable
      1. Superclass providing arbitrary shape-painting services  (10 pts)
      2. Shape factories used with arbitrary shape painting strategy to create arbitrary Polygon capability (10 pt)
    4. Composite paint strategy capable. (5 pts)
    5. Animated Shape capable (Not same as using animated GIF).  ( 5 pts)
  5. Add Strategy initialization capability
  6. Extra credit:
    1. Switcher strategy reinitializes balls when the strategy is switched. (5 pts)
    2. Use a dynamically created/installed control panel to add an capability to the GUI, e.g. the ability to select a movement key set. (5 pts)

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