COMP 310
Spring 2010

HW06: Remote task execution

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3/18/10: Updated code available that fixes some typos that prevent the class file server from working properly for remote dynamic class loading.   Please download the latest code from the Lec24 materials.

This assignment is to write two new tasks for the remote RMI task demo in Lec24.


  1. The tasks must return a value whose type is NOT BigDecimal.   The tasks should return different types of results.   - 20 pts
  2. The tasks' results should be displayed on the client.  - 15 pts
  3. The task must display some sort of status message on the server when it is run.  - 15 pts
  4. The task should run properly when both the client and server are on the same machine.  - 25 pts
  5. The task should run properly when the client and server are on different machines.   To get these points, you must demonstrate this functionality in class with at least 2 other students' machines. - 25 pts

Note that the above requirements means that you cannot change anything in compute package!

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