COMP 310
Spring 2010

HW07:  RMI Chat Program

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The goal of this assignment is to design and implement a flexible, extensible chat program using RMI.

Chat Program Requirements:

The chat program must be able to:

  1. Connect and communicate with any other student's implementation (including the staff's).
  2. Support two-way text chatting with
    1. Multiple, simultaneous single individuals
    2. Multiple, simultaneous groups of individuals.
  3. Support an "auto-connect-back" feature wherein an accepted request to chat is automatically connected without the user having to know the requestor's address.
  4. Support the transmission and display of images.
  5. Be easily extensible to handle the transimission and reception of any arbitrary data type.
  6. Gracefully handle (i.e. not crash) the reception of an unknown data type.

Download the code distribution for the Chat App:  (on-line documentation)

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