COMP 310
Spring 2010

Lec35: Final Project API design 

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Today we will take the design ideas developed last class and create the common API used to connect different implementations of the project.

The notes from Friday are on the Owlspace Wiki.


  1. What exactly is the definition of "client" and "server" here?
  2. The exact (abstract) behavior of a "draw strategy" needs to be defined, e.g.  "It takes a ?? and does ?? on ??"
  3. What are the key commands that need to be sent?
  4. etc.

Architecture note:

The technique being employed here, with the RMI Chat program and in parts of the Ballworld system where commands and data are being sent from a sender to a receiver for execution is called a "message passing" programming paradigm.    This is a very common architectural technique used in highly decoupled systems and parallel programming.



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