COMP 310
Spring 201

Lec41: Game Issues

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Today we will discuss the latest version of the WWJ map package as well as any outstanding game issues.

Reminder about garbage collecting of Remote objects.

Outstanding API issues:

WWJ Issues


Scheduling coding and testing sessions?    Highly recommend that each team attend as many testing sessions before demo day!    TESTING AGAINST ANOTHER GROUP'S GAME SERVER AND CLIENT IS CRUCIAL!

Current schedule:   See Comp310 home page for tentative schedule.

Team Joining Processes

The difficulty in planning for the future or for unknown requirements is in not putting value judgements on what might or might not happen.

Some team joining possibiliites and their implications:

  1. New player picks which team they wish to join:
  2. New players are automatically assigned to a team
  3. New players organize a team outside of the game, e.g. by joining a chatroom, and then join that pre-formed team to the game

 One of the critical issues from above is whether or not a forced join to a room/team is allowed.  




(This diagram is just an example and is not an exact depiction of this year's connection and team joining API!)
Example Team Join Sequence Diagram

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