COMP 310
Spring 2019

Lec40: Mixed Data  Dictionaries, WWJ Mapping Library and the map package

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Final Project Issues:


Mixed Data Dictionaries

Please see the Java Resources page on Mixed Data Dictionaries and Inter-Module Communications.


WWJ Mapping Library

Please use a message-passing architecture for game server to game client communications -- one of the main points of the final project is to practice thinking in these terms.

Today we will discuss the new World Wind Java mapping library as well as any design issues that have come up over the break.   Here are some links to WWJ references and demos:

A WWJ demo app is available: simply check out the following project:   (FXX = F14 for Fall 2014, for example)

Word of advice:   Those who accomplish more, earlier, will have first dibs at suggesting and effecting common API changes that would naturally benefit their game the most!   Stragglers will be forced to modify their code to accomodate other people's desires.


map Package

A utility and example package to help students get started with WWJ is provided.   This package provides some classes that will enable one to quickly and easily get a map to display in one's application along with some simple but useful annotation capabilities.   Please follow the link above for more information and documenation.

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