The adventure begins


In a flowing script, the letter reads:

"Dear COMP314 student,

Your next assignment, called ADVENTURE, is modeled after the game of the same
name and its descendants (e.g. Zork).  You will develop a game for a single
player which follows the text-based adventure game (or "interactive fiction")


The complete project assignment is available as a (slightly) interactive adventure if you telnet river.cs.rice.edu 4000, or you can just download it as one large text file.

As with previous projects, please do your work and turn in your spec/prototype/final using Subversion.

Writing your spec

Specification writing guide

Additional requirements

Bonus features were announced during the course of the project, but are not linked here (so we can re-use them in future years).

On storytelling

You are welcome and encouraged to think up your own game idea, but if you find you've got a severe case of writer's block, you are also welcome to start from our sample story. You will absolutely not be penalized for using it; this isn't a creative writing course, after all.


(Updated 3PM, 3/02.)

## Graders: sethn/creepy
p2g1 = dnaquin, beakin
p2g2 = oaa, asolano
p2g3 = stcheng, adamstep
p2g4 = gmalecha, dweidman
p2g5 = ratsark, algo86
## Graders: dmp/aecruess
p2g6 = beta, ttorous
p2g7 = cliffe, bdodson
p2g8 = jmflizz, barnaby
p2g9 = dcarr, ifedeli
p2g10 = robsmith, cderrick
## Graders: dsandler/ev
p2g11 = iamjack, preed
p2g12 = robmcd, coolpipe
p2g13 = krep, derrley
p2g14 = jiaokun, haozhou
p2g15 = yl4534, Xi.Zhang
p2g16 = ars1


Further reading on text-based adventure games, interactive fiction, etc. to help get your creative juices flowing.