COMP 420,  COMP 532:

Introduction to Distributed Computer Systems

Fall 2018

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The course projects in COMP 420/COMP 532 will run on the (simulated) RedNet distributed system at Rice. The programming environment for the RedNet distributed system allows you to easily run programs on different computers connected over the network within the distributed system, with those programs able to easily send and receive messages between each other. The environment allows you not only to program the user program (or programs) to be run as processes on the system, but also to program the relevant parts of the (simulated) operating system kernel that controls the message-passing communication between these processes.

The name RedNet is intended to have a humorous meaning. One of the common themes within distributed systems is replication, for example to improve performance and availability and to increase fault tolerance. The Houston area is home to many Spanish-speaking people, and in the Spanish language, the word "red" means "network", including as in a computer communication network such as an Ethernet or the Internet. Thus, the name RedNet means, in effect, "network network", making the name of the distributed system itself replicated.

Each of the projects in the class must be done individually, not in groups of students. Also, the projects must be done on the CLEAR Linux environment at Rice.

  • Lab # 1 -- Due by 11:59 PM, Monday, October 1, 2018

  • Lab # 2 -- Due by 11:59 PM, Tuesday, November 20, 2018

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