COMP 421/ELEC 421, COMP 521/ELEC 552:

Operating Systems and Concurrent Programming

Spring 2019

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Tentative Schedule

Below is a tentative schedule of various dates during the semester for COMP 421/ELEC 421 and COMP 521/ELEC 552. Although we will try hard to stick to this tentative schedule, it is possible that some project or exam dates may need to be adjusted slightly as we go along. I will announce any such changes as much in advance as possible.

Monday, January 7 First day of classes for the semester
Tuesday, January 22 Lab 1 begins
Wednesday, February 6 Lab 1 due (11:59 PM)
Thursday, February 7 Spring Recess begins
Friday, Friday 8 Spring Recess ends
Thursday, February 14 Lab 2 begins
Thursday, February 28 Midterm Exam copies available (take-home)
Monday, March 4 Midterm Exam deadline (5:00 PM)
Saturday, March 9 Spring Break begins
Sunday, March 17 Spring Break ends
Friday, March 29 Lab 2 due (11:59 PM)
Tuesday, April 2 Lab 3 begins
Friday, April 19 Lab 3 due (11:59 PM)
Friday, April 19 Last day of classes for the semester
(scheduled by Registrar) Final Exam

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