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First through sixth editions, copyright 1994-1999 by John K. Bennett;

Seventh edition, August 2000, copyright © 2000 by James F. Young;

Rice University, Houston, Texas

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Substantial portions of this document are derived from The 6.270 Robot Builder's Guide, Copyright 1992 by Fred G. Martin, with the permission of the author. Please see the Acknowledgements for additional contributors and information.

The M.I.T. Department of Electrical Engineering and Computer Science and the M.I.T. Media Laboratory, who sponsored the development of the original 6.270 class technology, have agreed to unrestricted and free distribution of the robotics technology described in the course documentation for the 6.270 class, including their printed circuit board artwork and software programming environment. The Department of Electrical Engineering and the George R. Brown School of Engineering at Rice University have agreed to similar unrestricted distribution of the ELEC 201 class technology developed at Rice. While the material has not been placed in the public domain (it is still copyrighted), this means that any individual or organization can use the material for whatever purposes they desire. Our mutual hope is that people will use this work in the spirit of GNU software, which is distributed freely and is supported largely by a community of interested users. Corrections and suggestions for improvement are most welcome.

The ELEC 201 Notes is no longer printed, except for the Assembly Manual. PostScript versions or LaTeX source code for the various chapters are available by request from:

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