The Guitar Material Characterization Project

Tips for Budding DSP Engineers

We just wanted to share a few empircal observations and suggestions for anyone interested in a similar project.

  • Make sure you use current-limiting resistors in amplifier circuits. Burnt silicon smells astonishing foul, especially in quantity.
  • Always saw hardwood at a low speed. Otherwise you'll scorch it. While scorched hardwood actually smells rather nice, it probably isn't the result you want.
  • Check your sampling rate carefully. Excessive oversampling will give you a really bizzare waveform.
  • Don't eat yellow snow.
  • When designing a test system, don't forget the very real problem of generating an impulse. How are you going to do it?
  • Be sure to BACK UP YOUR DATA in case Owlnet eats it. Sigh.
  • Don't be afraid to capture too much data. You can always discard it later.
  • Mediocrity: It takes a lot less time and most people won't notice the difference until it's too late.
  • If possible, account for noise. Low/highpass filtering can take care of this.

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