The Guitar Material Characterization Project

Who did what?

All members of the gang contributed more-or-less to all areas of the project. The list below is where each of us focused our efforts.

  1. Nick Reinhart, Team Leader:
    • Fourier Transform wizard
    • Matlab practicals / coding
    • Lead data analysis
  2. Ajeet Pai
    • Data capture & conversion
    • Data analysis
    • Webmastery and HTML generation
    • Donated poor guitar to be cannibalized for parts
  3. Jeff Hale
    • Woodworking & Project construction
    • Experiment design
    • Data capture
    • Bought the beer
  4. Mike Clifford
    • Interface of guitar pickup
    • Guitar knowledge and result hypothesis
    • Woodworking
    • Experiment setup

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Mike, jammin' on our guitar