Eclipse for Python and Robots Setup

This document details how to set up Eclipse to work with Python 2.5 and the r-one robots. NOTE: This is for advanced users only. We are not supporting using the r-one robots with Eclipse.
First, follow the instructions in the Python setup document and install Python 2.5.4 and pyserial.

Install Eclipse and PyDev

Configure PyDev

import os
base_path, _ = os.path.split(sys.executable)
cwd_path = [path for path in sys.path if base_path not in path and "org.python.pydev" not in path and "" not in path]
if len(cwd_path) == 1:
    #choose shortest path length
    os.chdir(sorted(cwd_path, key=len)[0])

Open PyDev Perspective

Setup Project

Creating Files

Open Interactive Console