Materials and References

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Class Materials

Game Art: Creation, Direction, and Careers by Riccard Linde

Other Reference Material

Vega Strike - An Elite-style freeform space exploration game with a long development history and active community.  We will be developing working models for ships and creating the necessary scripting to make them work in-game.

Spring - A unique open-source RTS engine supporting wide-open terrain that actually deforms and changes during gameplay.  We will be creating custom gameplay maps using the available tools and setting them up to work in-game.

Tortoise SVN - A client for Subversion, a version-control client.  Assignments will be updated and submitted using this as a tool.

3D Studio MAX - The 3D modeling program that will be used for most of the semester, learning the basics of modelling and texturing.

Photoshop - The most widely-used image creation and manipulation package, we will be using this to create textures for models created in 3DS Max, and for terrain in Spring.