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The first half of the semester will focus on the creasion of 3D models using 3D Studios Max. This will introduce the basics of the software and some of the relevant tools it contains for the creation of game content, in particular. Several assignments will be given of gradually increasing levels of complexity, building up to the second part of the semester.

The second part of the semester will focus on the creation of game content itself. Using an open-source real-time strategy game engine called Spring, students will create both a game environment and a unit that works within the game. This will exercise the skills the student learned during the first half of the semester, in addition to introducing concepts such as game scripting and working with technical limitations and guidelines. During this portion of the class, students will have two assignments -- the Spring map itself, and their unit.

Content that's delivered for an assignment will be judged partly for artistic quality, but primarily by how well it adheres to the requirements of the project. These include staying within budget, stylistic appropriateness, and technical correctness (are textures aligned, are there needless faces or vertices, are there needless gaps, etc). Feedback will be given by the professor during the next class. See the weekly breakdown for specific assignment dates.

Max Assignments:

Assignment 1: Notesand Materials

Assignment 2: Notes and Materials

Assignment 3: Notes and Materials

Assignment 4: Notes and Materials

Assignment 5: Notes and Materials

Assignment 6: Notes and Materials

Spring Assignments:

Assignment 7: Create a Spring Map

Assignment 8: Create a Spring Unit