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In this resource pages you will find many useful guides, reference materials and "tips & traps" to help you with your work!  It will be very worth your while to browse through the materials here and familiarize yourself with what is available.  Check back often as new materials are constantly being added!

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Getting Started

The first things you need to do is to make sure you know your operating system version and type and whether or not Python and Enthought are already installed and are of the correct versions.

  1. Check your operating system version and type

  2. One of the first things you must learn about your computer is which version of the operating system you are running.    This is critical information needed to select the proper software to install.   See below to find your operating system and our recommendations on which type of software you should install on it:

  3. Is Enthought already installed? 

  4. Check to see if you have EPD installed on your machine.

    If you don't have Enthought installed, please go to its Installation page.

  5. Do you have the right version of Python? 

    If Python is already installed, you can run the IDLE program to see what version you have: 

    1. See instructions on how to start IDLE in the How-To's page.)

    2. Once IDLE starts, you will get a Python Shell window, with the Python version number on the top left corner of the window. . If it is the version indicated below, you're good to go!   If not, you should install the current version of Enthought.

    Current version of Python used with EPD:   Python version 2.7.2

  6. Install Python enhancements

    To make your Python development experience more efficient and more pleasant, it is recommended that you also install the following enhancements:




Thanks to Dr. Devika Subramanian for much of these instructions!