Class CircleFish

  extended by
      extended by
All Implemented Interfaces:
java.lang.Cloneable, java.util.Observer

public class CircleFish
extends AFish

A fish that swims around in a circle.

Mathias Ricken

Field Summary
Fields inherited from class
_fishColor, _fishDisplay, _probOfBreeding, _probOfDying
Constructor Summary
CircleFish(java.awt.Color fishColor)
          Create a new circle fish.
Method Summary
 void move()
          Execute the movement part of a simulation step.
Methods inherited from class
act, age, breed, clone, die, draw, getColor, paint, setLocalEnvironment, setProbOfBreeding, setProbOfDying, toString, tryBreedFwd, tryMoveFwd, turnLeft, turnLeft, turnRight, turnRight, update
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Constructor Detail


public CircleFish(java.awt.Color fishColor)
Create a new circle fish.

fishColor - color of the fish
Method Detail


public void move()
Execute the movement part of a simulation step.

Specified by:
move in class AFish