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COMP 212: Intermediate Programming

Spring 2000

Comp212 introduces students to object-oriented program design and the fundamental algorithms and data structures of imperative programming. All programming assignments are done in the Java programming language. Several programming projects of moderate size will help students to learn

The exercises will involve common data structures such as lists, stacks, queues, search trees, syntax trees, and hash tables, and will use algorithms for sorting, searching, and graph traversal. Some exercises will involve writing programs driven by a graphics user interface (GUI).


Course Material


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Lecture notes


  1. Polynomials, Due Friday, Feb. 4, 10:00 AM (solution)
  2. Hangman, Due Monday, Feb. 28, 10:00 AM (clarification1), (clarification2)
  3. Array Implementation of Polynomials, Due Monday, Mar. 13, 23:59
  4. Accurate Summation (code samples), Due Saturday, Apr. 8, 23:59
  5. Sort Animation, Due Friday, Apr. 14, 10 AM. ( clarification, HeapSorter.java, Heapifier.java)
  6. Othello, Due Friday, Apr. 28, 23:59

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