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Comp 212: Intermediate Programming

Spring 2006

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Comp212 Staff List

To reach all of the Comp212 staff, try e-mailing comp212 at rice.edu
Note: When emailing, change the word "at" in an address to the symbol @.
This alternate spelling was chosen to protect us against spam.



Office Hours

Alan Cox
alc at rice.edu
MWF, 2:30PM-3:30PM
(and by appointment)
DH 3009
Dung X Nguyen dxnguyen at rice.edu see home page
Graduate TAs Email/Phone No. Office Hours Location
Roumen Kaiabachev
roumen at rice.edu
W, 3PM-4PM
(and by appointment)
DH 3057
Mathias Ricken
mgricken at rice.edu
By appointment
DH 3107
Jeffrey Sandoval
jasandov at rice.edu
Tue, 2PM-3PM
DH 2069
Undergraduate Labbies Email Office Hours Location
Brooke Garnes brookeg at rice.edu M, 2:30PM-3:30PM Ryon 102
Taylor Johnson ttj at rice.edu Sun, 8PM-9PM Ryon 102
Daniel Weidman dweidman at rice.edu Thu, 6PM-7PM Ryon 102
Adam Westall awestall at rice.edu F, 2PM-3PM Ryon 102