COMP 310
Fall 2014

Using Eclipse and Subclipse for Assignment Turn-In

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To use Subversion ("SVN") source control for managing projects or for turn-in, be sure to first install the Subclipse plug-in

Follow the directions on the Subclipse web page to add the Comp310/510 repository to Subclipse and to learn how to work with the SVN repositories.

The Comp310 turn-in repository name is:

Clicking on the above link and adding your netID to the URL will take you to a web-view of your source-controlled code!

If you are unable to access your personal repository, let the staff know right away since the automatic procedure that creates the repository sometime misses registered students.   Only registered students will have repositories!

General Turn-in Procedure:

Turning in an assignment is nothing more than committing your work to the Comp310 repository:

  1. NAME YOUR HOMEWORK PROPERLY!!   The name of the root folder for your homework assignment, i.e. the folder that holds the Exclipse .project file and the src and bin (classes) folders, should be "HWXX", e.g.  HW01, HW02, etc.   Failure to properly name your homework will result in points deductions!   

  2. The following are ALWAYS required, failure to do so will result in up to -10% penalties:

  3. Add your homework project, i.e. the HWXX folder, to the repository.   You may do this at any time.  It is HIGHLY recommended that you simply use the repository as part of your everyday development process.  

  4. Before the due date, when you have completed your work, simply commit the entire project to the repository.

If you are modifying your work for the next assignment, be sure to copy all the files to a new project in your workspace and then separately add that project to the repository.   DO NOT OVERWRITE PREVIOUS ASSIGNMENT SUBMISSIONS!


Getting Help Is Easy

The staff can see your code in the repository at any time, so if you are having problems, simply commit your code and ask the staff to take a look at it. 




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