COMP 310
Fall 201

Demo Day Instructions

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At least one team member must be present during the entire Demo Day time period.  The staff will not run your game for you.   It if far better if all team members are present.

There will be multiple tables set up in the Demo Day location, holding 6-10 teams each.   The number of tables will be determined by the number of staff members that are available on Demo Day as each table will have one staff member.   Each table will be designated "A", "B", "C", etc.


Game Evaluation Survey

The game evaluation survey is on-line in Canvas as a survey.   There is a survey dedicated to each table.  

A new survey submission must be created for every game client player for every game that is played.

Submit your user manual as an attachment to the Piazza discussion thread for your table.

The Demo Day survey asks general, game-independent questions that cover issues such as, but not limited to:




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