COMP 310
Spring 2010

Lec29: RMI Testing, Chat API Design 

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RMI Testing

Today we will test everyone's RMI remote task execution code. 


  1. Run your client and server from the command line/batch file rather than through Eclipse.   Don't even have Eclipse running.
  2. Establish that  you can get local connectivity first, before you try connecting to/from another machine.   When you get local connectivity, leave the server running.
  3. Restart the client to make a new connection to another server.


Chat API Design

We will also spend time today developing the Chat API.   Remember that at this stage, we have two distinct interaction modalities taht require well-defined interaction protocols:

 Where does the disconnect protocol fit in?

See the DataPacket package and new Serializable extended visitor packages available for use in the Chat program assignment.


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