[Rice University]

COMP 400: Technical Communication in Computer Science

Today's activities
5 minute oral technical presentation with written critiques and self-critiques
Evaluation form
Assignments for next class
Meet with instructor prior to class to critique the video of your own presentation
Get the topic approved for your upcoming technical paper
  • Possible topics include your undergraduate research project, your design course project, a summary of a technical research paper, or a technical survey.
  • The same topic can potentially be used later for the poster assignment.
Readings for next class — For technical report writing
Ten Simple Rules for Mathematical Writing
Designing Technical Reports
Written Communication — excerpt of online book for technology leaders
How to Write Mathematics
Some Hints on Mathematical Style
Writing Guidelines for Engineering and Science Students
Writing a Math Phase Two Paper — ignore the first section, which is specific to the original assignment
Learn Technical Writing in Two Hours Per Week — skim
Writing for Computer Science — a very good book, but you'd have to buy it to read it