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COMP 400: Technical Communication in Computer Science

Today's activities
Examples of improving data presentations
Examples of improving data analysis
Assignment reminder for next class
First draft of paper, emailed to instructor — Due the Monday before class
Readings for next class — For data presentation
Displaying Data in Written Documents
Figure Bestiary — Examples from Computer Science
Just Plain Data Analysis
Chart Suggestions — A Thought-Starter
Recommendations for Charts and Graphics — Has some application-specific comments, but includes a good overview of different kinds of charts, how to choose which to use, and how to tweak their design.
Charting & Graphing Data — a good collection of links to browse
Going for glitz… and other perils of scientific visualization and Viz-O-Matic
Gapminder, Hans Rosling Shows the Best Stats You've Ever Seen, and Google Motion Chart — browse & watch at least one video
The Problem with Pie Charts
Data Visualization: Modern Approaches
IBM Many Eyes
Google Chart Tools
Readings for next class — For data analysis
Common Problems in Interpreting and Graphing Data — Examples from computer science
Just Plain Data Analysis: Interpreting the Numbers