Comp 430: Introduction to Database Systems

Spring 2008


Prof. Moshe Vardi

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Office: DH 3096, x5977.

Office hours: by appointment.

Teaching Assistant

Sumit Nain (Sumit.Nain at at at rice ... edu)

Office hours: 3-4 PM, Tues/Thurs, or by appointment.

Office: DH 3097. ext 5731

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Class Information

Textbook: Database Management Systems by Raghu Ramakrishnan and Johannes Gehrke

Recommended Book: PostgreSQL:Introduction and Concepts by Bruce Momjian

Recommended Book: Practical PostgreSQL by John Worsley and Joshua Drake

Newsgroup: rice.owlnews.comp430;

General information
Detailed course summary


Database technology is emerging as one of the key technologies in the Global Information Infrastructure. While 15 years ago databases were used mostly for business data processing, databases are today used in a vast array of applications, such as computer-aided design, decision support systems, expert systems, geographical information systems, multimedia, and the like.

COMP 430 provides the student with a thorough introduction to the fundamentals of relational database systems, preparing them to be sophisticated users, applications programmers, and database administrators.



Labs and Homeworks


  • The not so short introduction to LaTeX.
  • A sample latex file and the corresponding ps file.
  • Getting started with psql
  • How to use scripts in postgresql
  • How to edit a psql session
  • How to Use Embedded SQL with PostgreSQL
  • Useful Links

  • Introduction to Structured Query Language
  • PostgreSQL 8.2 Documentation
  • An Overview of Query Optimization in Relational Systems by Surajit Chaudhuri
  • 1995 SQL Reunion
  • Using PostgreSQL's COPY function effectively
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