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Interface Summary
CreateEnvDialog.IEnvChoice Nested interface for environment choices.
DisplayViewport.Pannable The Pannable interface contains those methods the view installed in a PseudoInfiniteViewport needs to support to enable panning behavior along with scrolling.
EditToolbar.ChoiceWithIcon Interface that unifies choices with icons (fish, color) so we can use one common renderer for both.
IRunIdleAdapter Adapter to connect the SimToolbar and the main view.

Class Summary
CreateEnvDialog Dialog to create new environment.
CreateEnvDialog.ConcreteEnvChoice Nested class for choosing an environment.
DisplayPanel Panel to display the environment.
DisplayViewport The viewport for the display panel.
EditToolbar Code for the edit toolbar.
EditToolbar.ColorIcon Nested class used to drawFish the color swatch icon used for color choice entries in the color combo box.
EditToolbar.FishIcon Nested class used to drawFish the fish icon used for fish entries in the fish combo box.
EnvFileChooser Environment file chooser class.
InputStringDialog Dialog to enter a string.
MBSView The main frame class of the GUI.
MBSView.StepItLambda Iteration command for a set number of steps.
SimToolbar Toolbar for simulation control.